• Flipped Classroom Design via Open Tools


    DELFT University of Technology


    17 September 2019 13.30-16.00

    WORKSHOP in the form of flipped classroom

  • This workshop is for you if you are interested:


    • How to develop your first Flipped classroom or improve it?
    • Which open online tools for for video development, quizzes and classrooms creation  exist? 
    • How to implement them in your teaching process avoiding "technology driven classroom" ?
    • How to develop video in a more resource-effective way?

  • What means flipped classroom workshop?

    Flipped classroom- is a reverted to traditional classroom where before the class you prepare through online lectures and in class time is devoted to activities

    Workshop structure

    Before the workshop you familiarise with some e- learning designs materials which will be shared below. Among them, short videos, links, articles and open source tools which we will experience in the session. Additional reading you can find in references and scientific articles.

    During the session you will learn more about existing learning designs and try to develop first elements of your future flipped or online course.


    Get the most from it

    As a DELFT workshop participant you will have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with materials before the workshop

    All materials will be ready on July 30. Enjoy.

  • What Activities you will experience during workshop

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    Group Discussion

    We start with small discussions or summary of what was learned before the workshop.



    During trials you can play with the tools and try to create your own videos and animations



    During the demonstrations you will see how some open tools can be used in your teaching



    You will try to apply the design approach to your own course, session which you wanna flip using the provided templates

  • About workshop authors

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    Iuliia Shnai is a doctoral candidate in Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT, Finland) in department of Industrial Engineering and Management. She is interested in different aspects of e-learning from teacher and learner perspective. She is currently a project driver of Erasmus+ CEPHEI project. She has a technical background and obtained Bachelor and Master Degree majoring in Management of Innovation Technologies in Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbSTU). In her research, she focuses on one of the learning designs, flipped classroom. Practically, she provides experiments with transition courses from traditional to blended and online format. And develop a systematic approach to course design for teachers support.

    As a part of Creativity Lab Team